CV of Dr. Haidar Bagir


 Name : Dr. Ir. Haidar Bagir, MA

Address : Jl. Puri Mutiara Raya No. 72, Cilandak- Jakarta Selatan

Ph. No.  62-21-75910212

Place & Date of Birth : Solo, Central Java, Indonesia, February 20, 1957

Marriage Status : Married with four children

Name of Spouse : Lubna Assgaf

Nationality : Indonesia

Children’s :

  1. Muhammad  Irfan, male, November 29, 1986, born in Jakarta (Indonesia)
  2. Mustafa Kamil, male, July 18, 1988, born in Jakarta (Indonesia)
  3. Ali Riza, male,  October 14, 1992, born in Jakarta (Indonesia)
  4. Syarifa Rahima, female, May 9, 1996, born in Jakarta (Indonesia)

Formal Education

1999-2004      :

Doctorate Program (PhD, specializing in Islamic Philosophy, with a dissertation entitled “Mystical   Experience in the Epistemology of Mulla Shadra and its   Comparison with Heidegger’s Idea about Thinking   (Denken)

Philosophy Department University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

2000-2001  :

Dissertation Research (Fulbright sponsored ) Dept. of  History and Philosophy of Science Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

1990-1992    :

Center for Middle Eastern Studies (MA Degree with specialization in Islamic Philosophy, 1992) (Fulbright sponsored) Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

1988-1990 :

State Institute of  Islamic Studies, Jakarta, Indonesia      (finished    course works for Master’s degree, interrupted by the study in the US).

1976-1982 :

Industrial Engineering Department  (Bachelor Degree, 1982), Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia. (Ir)


March – April 2005   :

Served as  Misher Professor at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia

2003  – ….     :  Lecturer at Islamic College for Advanced Studies (ICAS) of London in Jakarta

1998-2000  :  Lecturer at Madina Ilmu College, Jakarta, Indonesia (Islamic and Western Philosophy)

1997- 1999  :  Lecturer at Philosophy Department, Graduate and Undergraduate Program Paramadina Mulya University, Jakarta, Indonesia

1988                :  Founder-Director of Madina llmu College, Jakarta, in charge of Academic Affairs

1998-              :  Director, Madina Ilmu Center for the Study of Philosophy, Jakarta, Indonesia

1998 –             :  Chairman of YASMIN Philantropic Foundation

1997               :  Chairman of The Center for the Study of  Positive Sufism, IIMaN

1996-1998   :  Lecturer at the Graduate Program of Philosophy, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

1995- ….       :  Chairman, Lazuardi Hayati Foundation for Education, Jakarta, Indonesia

1992-1999   :  Commercial Director, Republika Daily Newspaper, Jakarta, Indonesia

1982-              :  President Director, Mizan Publishing House, Bandung, Indonesia

Grant Received:

  • Science and Religion Course Award from the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences, Berkeley, California, USA (2002/2003)
  • Fulbright Grant for Graduate Studies at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, USA (1990-1992)
  • Fulbright Grant for Doctoral Research at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA (2000/2001)
  • Fulbright Visiting Specialist Program at The University of Sciences, Philadelphia (March–April 2005)

Specialization :

  • Islamic Thought, Civilization, Philosophy, and Mysticism (theoretical and practical, i.e. ethics, etc.), incl. modern developments

Language Proficiency

English            : Reading (excellent), speaking (excellent), writing (excellent)

Arabic             : Reading (good), speaking (fair), writing (fair)



 Books :

  • Speaking the Unspeakable : Mystical Experience according to Mulla Shadra and Heidegger, Mizan, 2010
  • Pocket Book of Islamic Philosophy, Arasy, Bandung, 2005
  • Pocket Book of Sufism, Arasy, Bandung, 2005
  • Al-Farabi, Teraju, Jakarta, 2005
  • Harnessing Inter-Religious Harmony through Media Agencies in Syed Farid Alatas, Covering Islam : Challenges and Opportunities for Media in the Global Village, Center for Research on Islam and Malay Affairs (RIMA) and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Singapore, Malaysia
  • New Era of Ethical Management, Mizan, Bandung, Indonesia, 1996
  • A Quest for Islam, A Compilation of Writings of Indonesian Young Muslim Intellectuals (co-ed), Mizan, Bandung, 1985
  • Ijtihad in Focus, A Compilation of Writings of Prominent Indonesian Moslem Scholars (ed.), Mizan, Bandung, 1984

 Translations :

  • Ghazali, Letters of al-Ghazali, Mizan, Bandung, 1984
  • Ghazali, “Chemistry of Happines, Mizan, Bandung, 1983
  • S. Naquib al-Attas, “The Concept of Education, Mizan, Bandung, 1982

Papers and Articles (selection):

  • “Mystical Experience: a Theosophial Account”, Jurnal Kanz, ICAS-Jakarta, 2010
  • “Reinventing Education in Indonesia”, in Komaruddin Hidayat and Putut Wijanarko, Reinventing Indonesia ,Mizan, Bandung, 2008.
  • “An Anthology of Essays with lots “may-be’s”, a forward to the Side-notes 7, by Goenawan Muhammad (a prominent Indonesian poet and essayist), TEMPO, 2007
  • “God’s Justice after the Tsunami Disaster”, a long article for Bentara pages of KOMPAS Daily, 2005
  • “Al-Jabiri and Liberal Islam”, a paper for Guided Reading Course in Graduate program of Philosophy, the Universitas Indonesia, 2004
  • “Ancient Wisdom, Divine Wisdom”, an introduction to Yusuf Sutanto, Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World, Hikmah, Jakarta, 2004
  • “The Methodology of Murtadha Muthahhari,” a paper for the discussion on the thought of Murtadha Muthahhari, Jakarta, 2004
  • “Islam is (also) a Religion of Love,” as introduction to the Indonesian translation of John D. Caputo, The Religion of Love (original title Religion), Mizan, 2004
  • An introduction to the Indonesian translation of Wilfred C. Smith, Seeking the Meaning of Religion (original title, The Meaning and End of Religion), Mizan, Bandung, 2004
  • “Imagination, Literature, and Islamic Spirituality,” in Nirwan Arsuka, GB Kristanto, Bre Redana, Bentara Essay 2004, Kompas, Jakarta, 2004
  • “Between Intellect and Divine Revelation”, a paper for a Ramadhan Discussion held by JIL (Jaringan Islam Liberal-Islamic Liberal Network), 2003
  • “A comparison between Islamic Studies in The West and in the Islamic World,” State University (UIN), Yogyakarta, 2003
  • “Between Hermeneutics and Ta’wil,” a paper for the discussion on Hermeneutics and Religius, Teater Utan Kayu, Jakarta, 2003
  • “The Theology of Asma’ al-Husna on Alternative Theology towards Multiculturalism”, a paper for a discussion on Religion and Multiculturalism, held by the Board of Fatwa of Muhammadiyah, Solo, 2003
  • “Western Ethics, Islamic Ethics,” an introduction to M. Amin Abdullah, Islamic Philosophy of Ethics, Mizan, 2002
  • “An introduction to Post Ibn Rushd Islamic Philosophy,” an introduction to Murtadha Muthahhari, Hikmah Philosophy: an Introduction to the Thought of Mulla Shadra, Mizan, 2002
  • “Return to Philosophy, Return to Being Human,” an introduction to the Indonesian translation of Oliver Leaman, An Introduction to Islamic Philosophy: A Thematic Approach, Mizan, 2001
  • “Ethics of al-Farabi,” a paper for the course of Ethics, Graduate program of Philosophy, University of Indonesia, 1999
  • “Islamic Architecture as a System of Signs,” a paper for the course on Cultural Study, Graduate Program of Philosophy, University of Indonesia, 1999
  • “The Theology of al-Bazdawi”, State Institute of Islamic Studies, Jakarta, 1999
  • “ The Integrity of The Prophet’s Companion : A Critical Study,” State Institute of Islamic Thought, Jakarta, 1999
  • “Islamic Philosophy of History,” State Institute of Islamic Studies, Jakarta, 1999
  • “A Survey on The Latest Development of the Discourse on Islamic Science,” The All Indonesian Moslem Intellectual Association, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1999
  • “Transmission of  Islamic Philosophy and Science to the Western World,” The Institute for the Study of Religion and Philosophy, Jakarta, 1999
  • “The Principle of Justice in Islam,” an introduction to Murtadha Muthahhari’s Justice in Islam, Pustaka Hidayah, 1999
  • “The Methodology of Thaha Husayn,” State Institute of Islamic Studies, Jakarta, 1998
  • “Paul Ricouer and his Predecessors”, a paper for the Course in Phenomenology and Hermeneutics, Graduate Program of Philosophy, University of Indonesia, 1998
  • “Symphaty in Avicennan System,” a paper for the course in Magic in the Middle Ages, CMES, Harvard University, 1992
  • A comparison between Khomeini’s Wilayat-e Faqih and al-Farabi’s Political Philosophy”, a paper for the course in the History of Islam, CMES, Harvard University, 1992
  • “The Concept of Episteme in Aristotle’s Philosophy, a paper for the course in Aristotle, CMES, Harvard University, 1991.
  • “Transmission of Islamic Philosophy in Persia,” a paper for the course in The Transmission of Learning in The Middle Ages, CMES, Harvard University, 1991
  • “The Incorporation of Avicennan System in the Philosophy of Mulla Sadra”, a paper written for the Course on Islamic Philosophy, Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), Harvard University, 1990
  • “Democracy in the Thought of Al-Farabi,” a paper for the course in Islamic Political Philosophy, CMES, Harvard University, 1990
  • “Sectarian Division in Islam,” an International Seminar on Intra and Interreligious Dialogue, Puncak, West Java, 1986
  • “Nationalism and Islam: An Indonesian Case,” Indonesian Youth Conference organized by KOMPAS Daily, Cipanas, West Java, 1985
  • Many more of articles, papers and columns on various topics published in Indonesian newspapers and magazines as well papers as presented in lectures, seminars, conferences, trainings, and workshops.

I testify that all information in this Resume is correct.

Haidar Bagir



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  1. bapak doktor yang terhormat, sy seorang mahasiswa pondok pesantren ingin mendapatkan buku karangan naquib al-attas, yang sudah terjemahkan oleh bapak dengan JUDUL KONSEP PENDIDIKAN ISLAM sy sudah mencarinya kemana -mana tapi sampai saat ini belum mendapatkan, bapak bisa membantu sy untuk mendapatkan buku tersebut. trima ksih banyak.

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