The Syllabus of “Introduction to Islamic Philosophy”

Subject          : Introduction to Islamic Philosophy

Lecturer         : Prof. Dr. Mulyadhi Kartanegara & Dr. Sayyed Muhsin Miri

Semester        : Preliminary of Islamic Mysticism and Islamic Philosophy Program

Academic Year 2005

  1. The Realm of Islamic Philosophy and The Subject that is Discussed
  2. Division of Philosophy Definition of Being, Non-Being and Essence
  3. Division of Existence (Fundamentality of Existence)
  4. Division of Possible Being To Substance, Accidents and The Types of Movements
  5. The Relations between Cause and Effect; Possible, Necessary and Impossible
  6. Is There Anything Call Islamic Philosophy
  7. Philosophical Schools
  8. Major The Mean of Islamic Philosophy
  9. Philosophy, Science and Religion
  10. The Future of Islamic Philosophy Research

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