The Syllabus of “Interpretation of al-Qur’an”

Subject      : Interpretation of al-Qur’an

Lecturer     : Husein Shahab, MA.

Semester   : Preliminary (Academic Year 2005)

  1. Introduction to the Interpretation of al-Qur’an and its kinds of Tafsir
  2. The meaning of “al-wahy” (revelation) from philosophical and mystical points of view and its division: ar-rukyah as-shadiqah (true vision), nuzul Jibril (the descending of Jibril) and al-wahy al-mubasyir (direct revelation)
  3. The historical views concerning nuzul al-Qur’an and its division into Makkiyyah and Madaniyyah; the history of its compilation and and controversion concerning mushaf Ali and mushaf Fatimah
  4. Introduction to the classical Mufassirin and their tafsir
  5. Introduction to the modern Mufassirin and their tafsir
  6. The Contraversion about Nasikh and Mansukh in al-Qur’an
  7. The Meaning of Mutasyabihat and Muhkamat in the verses of al-Qur’an
  8. Issues on the Tahrif or alteration of al-Qur’an
  9. The meaning of Mu’jizah of al-Qur’an and its division: bayani, ‘ilmi and tasyri’i.
  10. More on Tafsir al-Mizan and Allamah Thabathabai.

One response to “The Syllabus of “Interpretation of al-Qur’an”

  1. introduction to the classical mufassirin and their tarsir

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