Syllabus of The Relation of Mysticism and Syare’ah

Subject              : The Relation of Mysticism and Syare’ah

Lecturer           : Dr. Musawi

Semester          : III (Academic Year 2005-2006)

  1. Introduction to relation of Tasawuf with Syare’ah
  2. Syare’ah, Tarekah, Hakikah
  3. Sir Hindi’s view on Share’ah and Tasawuf
  4. Some clarification and explanation on the term of Share’ah
  5. Share’ah as the standard of mystical doctrines
  6. Share’ah and Tareqah (Presentation)
  7. Karamah in Tasawuf
  8. Shi’ite and Sufism
  9. Share’ah and Sufism
  10. The need for share’ah in its totality

Main Reference:

  1. Sufism ad Share’ah, Muhammad Abdul Haq Asari
  2. Inner Secret of the Path, Sayyid Haidar Amuli

a9 u<hb b

An Anthology of Christian Mysticism, Harvey Egan, S.J

Christianity: Essence, History and Future, Hans Küng

Kabbala, article from Routledge Encyclopedic


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