Syllabus of “Rational Thinking in the Qur’an”

Course Outline

Subject      : Rational Thinking in the Qur’an

Lecturer     : Dr. Seyyed Mahmood Musavi

Semester   : 2nd academic Year 2006

Program    : Islamic Philosophy

  1. The necessity of making distinction between modern society and time of the Prophet
  2. Holy verses as source of inspiration of philosophical answer as theological doctrines
  3. Systematization of doctrines cosmological, theological, eschatological and anthropological
  4. The different layers of rationality in appropriate with different dimension of human being
  5. The explanation of Ignorance before Islam and after Islam (subsecqunet drastic change made by Islam)
  6. Presupposition of modern rationality
  7. Some tradition and holy verses on the existence of God and His Unity, Identity of Essence and attribute.
  8. The formation of different schools of thought in the first century A.H: the origin of rational thought in Islam
  9. “Rationality”: its presumption and center argument by believers some explanation for religious believe.

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