Syllabus of “Practical Mysticism”


College ICAS
Degree M.A.
Course Title Practical Mysticism
Course Code
Level Postgraduate
Credit Hours
Contact Hours

(if any)


(if any)

Teaching Methodology
Method of Evaluation
Semester Offered
Course Objectives

Learning Outcomes
Course Synopsis (course description)

This subject basically describes Islamic Mysticism as a spiritual path of realization. Islamic Mysticism is not only a science that discusses on the Reality of the Divine and all its manifestations, but it is also a path that is open to man for the realization of the Truth which is at the same time the Real. Therefore this subject will explain the meaning of the spiritual path. And all its essential elements that are necessary in order to attain realization.


Week Topics Description of the Topics Recommended Readings
1 The nature of the spiritual path with reference to the four spiritual journeys

2 The meaning of al-sayr and al-suluk

3 The fall of man and the veil
4 Initiation

5 The Relationship between Spiritual master and murid

6 The spiritual states or al-maqamat (with reference to Manazil al-Sairin)
7 The ways towards God; the way of action (rituals), the way of love and the way of knowledge

8 The Rites

9 Invocation (al-dhikr)
10 Meditation and contemplation

11 Futtuwah (spiritual chivalry)

12 The spiritual function of Beauty (on Sacred Art)


There are 13 topics and meeting that you made, but we only need 12 topics so you should to minimize into 12 topics. One topics that I haven’t entered to the syllabi is:

1- The spiritual virtues; humility (al-faqr), charity (al-karamah) and veracity (al-sidq).


–          Introduction to Sufism, Titus Burckhardt

–          Sufi Essays, Nasr

–          Al-Manazil al-Sairin, Khawjah ‘Abd al-Lah al-Ansari with commentaries of Al-Kashani and al-Tilmisani

–          Al-Manazil al-Sairin translation by Muhsen Bina

–          Kernel of the Kernel (Lub al-Lubab), Allamah Tabatabaie (translated by Faghfoori)

–          Sayr wa Suluk, Allamah Bahr al-Ulum (translated into Indonesian)

–          Sufism; Quintessence and Veil, Frithjof Schuon

–          Understanding Islam, Frithjof Schuon

–          Stations of Wisdom, Frithjof Schuon


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