Syllabus of “Philosophy of Mysticism”

In The Name of God

Philosophy of Mysticism

By: Dr. Qasem Kakae

  1. The Difference Between First Order Knowledge and Second Order Knowledge. What is Philosophy of Mysticism?
  2. Different Methods For Deriving Mysticism, Phenomenological Method
  3. Mysticism in Different Cultures
  4. Is Mysticism The Some of Religious Experience?
  5. The Difference Between Religious Experience and Mystical Experience.
  6. Experience and Interpretation
  7. Extroversive Mysticism, Introversive Mysticism
  8. The Characteristics of Mystical Experience and The Universal Core of It
  9. The Objective Reverence of Mystical Experience
  10. Pantheism, Dualism, Monism, Oneness of Being
  11. The Path of Love and The Path of Knowledge
  12. Mysticism, Logic and Language

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