Syllabus of ISLAMIC THEOLOGY, by Dr. Seyyed Mohsen Miri

Subject         : Islamic Theology

Lecturer        : Dr. Sayyed Mohsen Miri

Semester      : 1st of Islamic Philosophy

Academic Year 2003 – 2004

  1. Concept of Religion
  2. In During in to Religion; The Condition to Live as Human Beings
  3. The Way of Resolving Fundamental Issues
  4. Knowing God; The Simple Way of Knowing God, Proofs for The Necessary Existence
  5. The Attributes of God; The Attribute of His Essence and The Attributes of His Action
  6. Attributes of Action Oneness of God
  7. Essence of God; Meaning of Monotheism
  8. Prophethood; The Need For Revelation
  9. Infallibility of The Prophets
  10. Responses To Some Doubts About The Infallibility of the Prophets
  11. Miracles of The Prophets
  12. The Eternal Live; Resurrection

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