Syllabus of “Islamic Ontology I”

Course Outline

Subject       : Islamic Ontology I

Lecturer     : Dr. Seyyed Mahmoud Musavi

Semester    : 2nd/Academic year 2006 (Islamic Philosophy Program)

  1. The main issues of philosophy: Philosophy as such as “Philosophy of” (Meta discipline & Sub Topics of first philosophy)
  2. Common Properties of Being in Islamic philosophy: logical in religibles, whatism concept.
  3. Some comparative consideration on the concept and reality of Being
  4. Fundamentality of Being and its consequence
  5. History of principality of Being: Clarification of the themes
  6. An out line of philosophy distinction between “philosophy as such” and “philosophy of” and its two types
  7. Fundamentality if Being: Its clarification and explanation
  8. Unity and multiplicity: Four main doctrines
  9. Causation
  10. Criterion for the need of cause continued: Importance and the way of obtaining the idea of Cause.
  11. Causation, homogeneity, refutation of circularity

Main Reference:

Philosophical Instruction, Taqi Misba Yazdi


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