Syllabus of “Islamic Ontology” (Common Subject)


College ICAS
Degree M.A.
Course Title Islamic Ontology (Common Subject)
Course Code
Level Postgraduate
Credit Hours
Contact Hours

(if any)


(if any)

Teaching Methodology
Method of Evaluation
Semester Offered
Course Objectives
Learning Outcomes
Course Synopsis (course description) Ontology is a science of being qua being. This subject gives sufficient discourses in relation to being or al-wujud as expounded in Islamic philosophy. Basically in Islamic Philosophy the discourses in ontology which are known as al-falsafah bi ma’na al-a’am (philosophy in its general sense) or al-umur al-‘ammah (general properties) are divided into various divisions. and all-these divisions are related to existence qua existence in its different aspects.

This subject is considered as a common subject in this particular curriculum


Week Topics Description of the Topics Recommended Readings
1 Introduction to ontology

2 The concept of existence; the distinction between concept (al-mafhum) and extension (al-misdaq) or haqiqat al-wujud (reality of being), the concept of existence is self-evident and univocal.

3 Al-wujud and al-mahiyat; the distinction between Essentia and Existentia

The Primacy of existence and quiddity
5 Unity and multiplicity

6 The gradation or ambiguityof existence
7 On the mental and concrete existences

8 The three modes of existence in relation to the matters of propositions – al-wujub, al-imkan and al-imtina’ (necessity, possibility and impossibility);

9 The principle of causation;

10 On the potential (bi l-quwwah) and the actual (bi l-fi’il); in relation to motion and the different kinds of motion including substantial motion.

11 On the eternal (al-qadim) and the contingent (al-hadith)

12 On the intellect (al-‘aql), the subject and the object of intellect (al-‘Aqil and al-ma’qul)



–          Philosophical Instructions; Misbah Yazdi

–          Bidayat al-Hikmah, Allamah Tabatabaie (translation in English).

–          Ta’alimat al-Falsafah, Misbah Yazdi.

–          The Metaphysics of Sabzawari, Toshihiko Izutsu

–          The Concept and Reality of Existence, Toshihiko Izutsu

–          The Translation of the Manzumeh of Sabzawari, Izutsu and Mehdi Muhaqqiq

Bidayat al-Hikmah, Allamah Tabatabaie

–     Nihayat al-Hikmah, Allamah Tabatabaie

–     Philosophical Instructions, M. Taqi Misbah Yazdi

–     The concept of existence, Toshihiko Izutsu


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