Syllabus of “Islamic Mysticism II”

In The Name of God

By: Prof. Dr. Hemmati

Islamic Mysticism II

  1. The Different Kinds of Knowledge (Reason and Heart)
  2. The Different Aspects and Bellies (butun) of Qur`an and Sunnah Teachings (Sharî`a, Tarîqa, Haqîqa)
  3. Ibn Arabi and His Position in Islamic Mysticism
  4. Oneness of Being (Wahdat-al-W u j û d), The Self Disclosure of God
  5. Oneness of Being (The Path of Knowledge and The Path of love)
  6. Oneness of Being According to Reason and According to Sharî`a
  7. Divine Names
  8. Tanzih (Transcendence) and Tasybih (Similarity)
  9. Perfect Man Theory
  10. Perfect Man Theory
  11. God in Islamic Mysticism
  12. The Difference Between Wahdat al-Wujû d and Pantheism

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