Syllabus of Islamic Mysticism I

Islamic Mysticism I

By: Prof. Dr. Homayoun Hemati Dahlaba

The First Semester of Islamic Mysticism Program

Academic Year 2004 – 2005

  1. Introduction
  2. The Origin of Islamic Sufism
  3. The Mystical Teaching of The Qur`an and Tradition
  4. A Historical Survey of Sufi Texts and Master
  5. Life, Work and General Mystical View of Seyyed Haidar Amoli
  6. The First Foundation of The Book of Seyyed Haidar Amoli
  7. The Roots of Religion and The Different Interpretations    of Usul of Islam According to Muslim Mystics
  8. Mystical Tawhid
  9. Tawhid of Prophets and Tawhid of Saints
  10. Shirk and Its Mystical Interpretation
  11. Ascension of Mystics

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