Syllabus of “Islamic Mysticism I”


College ICAS
Degree M.A.
Course Title Islamic Mysticism I
Course Code
Level Postgraduate
Credit Hours
Contact Hours

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Teaching Methodology
Method of Evaluation
Semester Offered
Course Objectives

Learning Outcomes
Course Synopsis (course description)

This subject will offer a comprehensive study on Islamic Mysticism. It covers the epistemological and ontological aspects of doctrinal Islamic Mysticism. And it also deals with detail the doctrine of the unity of being which is well-known as the doctrine of wahdat al-wujud, including all its arguments presented by the Mystics. It also explains the doctrine of the universal man (al-insan al-kamil). And finally it deals with one of the most essential and fundamental doctrine in Islamic Mysticism, which is the doctrine of al-wilayah.


Week Topics Description of the Topics Recommended Readings
1 a) The nature of doctrinal irfan:

– On the definition of Doctrinal Irfan (a classical study on the al-maudu’, al-mabadi and the al-masail of Irfan)

Tamhid al-Qawa’id, Ibn Turkah.
2 – The Definitive Distinction between Philosophy, Ilm al-Kalam and Irfan in terms of their maudu’ (subject-matter) and their sources of knowledge
3 b)The epistemological aspect of doctrinal irfan:

–  On the heart

4 – On al-kashf (theophanic vision or unveiling) and its degrees. The muqaddimah of Qaysari on the Fusus al-Hikam
5 – Issues related to the  relevancy of al-kashf
6 c) The ontology of doctrinal irfan:

– On al-wujud and its various aspects

The muqaddimah of Qaysari
7 – On wahdat al-wujud and its arguments Tamhid al-Qawa’id
8 – The difference of wahdat al-wujud and pantheism and other concepts related to it.
9 – On the al-Ahadiyyah and the Al-Wahidiyyah (the Divine Names)
10 – On God; the Personal    God and the God
11 – On the Al-A’yan al-Thabitah (the Immutable Entities)


–          Tamhid al-Qawaid, Ibn Turkah

–          Sharh Fusus Al-Hikam, Qaysari

–          Muqaddameye Sharh Fusus Qaysari, Sayyed Jalal al-Din Ashtiyani

–          Muhyi al-Din Ibn ‘Arabi, Muhsen Jahangir Khan

–          Sufi Path of Knowledge, William Chittick

–          Self-Disclosure of God, William Chittick

–          Sufism and Taoism, Toshihiko Izutsu

–          The Ringstone of wisdoms, Caner Dagli

–          The Bezels of Wisdom


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