Syllabus of “History of Islamic Philosophy I”

Subject         : History of Islamic Philosophy I

Lecturer        : Dr. Mulyadhi Karnanegara

Semester      : 1st of Islamic Philosophy program

  1. Introduction
  2. Pre-Islamic Philosophy
  3. The beginning of Islamic Philosophy
  4. Further Development
  5. Peripatetic School
  6. Al-Ghazali`s Criticism
  7. Illuminationist School
  8. Irfan School
  9. Hikmah Philosophy
  10. Post-Shadrian Philosophy
  11. Contemporary Philosophy
  12. Further Research


  1. Majid Fakhry, A History of Islamic philosophy
  2. Nasr & Leaman,  A History of Islamic Philosophy
  3. M.M. Syarif, History of Muslim Philosophy
  4. Mulyadhi Kartanegara, Menembus Batas Waktu
  5. Mulyadhi Kartanegara, Menuju Gerbang Kearifan

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