Syllabus of Critical Approaches of Islamic Philosophy

Subject       : Critical Approaches of Islamic Philosophy

Lecturer     : Prof. Dr. Homayoun Hemati Dahlaba

Semester    : III (Islamic Philosophy Program)

  1. Ghazalis’ Objections
  2. Kant`s Criticism
  3. Al-Ghazali`s First Objection
  4. Verificationism/ Logical Positivism
  5. Wittgenstein`s Criticism of Traditional Philosophy
  6. The Argument of Al-Ghazali
  7. Wittgenstein and Logical Positivism
  8. Al-Ghazali’s Objection and Some Contemporary
  9. Bertrand Russel`s Critique


  1. Wittgenstein, The Tractatus
  2. Method’s of Metaphysics (copy Module from Prof. Hemati)

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