Syllabus of “Comparative Epistemology”

Course Outline

Subject      : Comparative Epistemology

Lecturer     : Dr. Saidimehr/ Dr. Seyyed Mohsen Miri

Semester   : 3rd (Academic Year 2005)

Program    : Islamic Philosophy

  1. The meaning of comparative epistemology: The meaning of epistemology and some divisions of epistemology.
  2. The approaches of epistemology: Ancient, modern, and contemporary.
  3. Background of Epistemology: A priori Knowledge and Posteriori.
  4. Definition and analysis of knowledge in Western epistemology.
  5. Definition of Gettier and its counter example.
  6. Some criticism on Western definition: Analysis of Knowledge from Muslim Thinkers view point.
  7. The types of propositional knowledge from Muslim thinkers view point.

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