Syllabus of “Islamic Philosophy I, II, III”

Islamic Philosophy I, II, III

Course Description

Apart from Islamic Epistemology and Islamic Ontology – that will be treated in special subjects, grouped in Common Course – this courses deal with general topics in Islamic Philosophy in a comprehensive manner– theoretical and practical, since the beginning of Islamic Philosophy until today. The approach is fully thematic as this considered to be the best approach to teach Islamic Philosophy in a manner that will give the students a deeper understanding of the subject, especially if compared to the historical approach. The systematics is in accordance with the more modern division of Islamic philosophy. Instead of dividing it into physics, metaphysics and theology, it is divided along the lines of Cosmology, Theology, Psychology, as well as of practical philosophy. Axiological and aesthetic aspects are also dealt with separately and sufficiently.

List of Topics

  1. What is Islamic Philosophy? (2 sessions)

Is Islamic Philosophy possible?

What Makes Islamic Philosophy Islamic?

Islamic Philosophy and the Sciences

  1. History of Islamic Philosophy  (2 sessions)

Pre-Ibn Rushd

Post Ibn Rushd

  1. Cosmology (2 sessions) :



  1. Causality (2 sessions)
  2. The Material and the Immaterial (2 sessions)
  3. The Immutable and the Changing (2 sessions)

Islamic Philosophy 2

  1. Theology (4 sessions) : Monotheism, Dualism, Monism, Pantheism. Tauhid Wujudi
  2. Psychology (4 sessions) :

Soul as Immaterial Substance

Mental Faculties

Intellectual Faculties

The Immortality of the Soul

  1. Eschatology (4 sessions)



Physical Resurrection and Tajassum al-A’mal

Heaven and Hell

Islamic Philosophy 3

  1. Ethics (4  Sessions)
  2. Politics (4 Sessions)
  3. Aesthetics (Poetry, Fine Arts, Music) (4 sessions)

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