Thesis Research Progress

No Student Program Thesis Title Date of Supervisor Note
Proposal Seminar Defense Seminar
1 Mohammad Monib Islamic Philosophy Nurcholish Madjid’s Thought on Human Rights 3-Aug-05 14-Jun-07 Dr. Yudhi Latief Finish, Corection Process
2 Erliyani Manik Islamic Philosophy The Concept of Human in Transcendent Philosophy 4-Aug-05 Dr. Mulyadhi Kartanegara
3 Andri Kusmayadi Islamic Philosophy Substantial Movement And Darwin Theory 4-Aug-05 Dr. Miri
4 Gerardette Philips Islamic Philosophy The Relationship between Faith and Reason in the Thought of Seyyed Hossein Nasr and Hans Kung 25-Aug-05 18-Dec-06 Prof. Dr Hematti Finalished, Graduated
5 Yoyo Hambali Islamic Philosophy Ibn Sina’s Philosophy of Education 25-Aug-05 14-Jun-07 Dr. Mulyadhi Kartanegara Finalished, Graduated
6 Binarga Guchani Islamic Philosophy The Concept of Unity According to Fritjof Capra and Ibn Arabi (A Comparative Study between Modern Physic and Theology) 18-Feb-06
7 Ahmad Y Samantho Islamic Philosophy Divine Leadership (Wilayah al-Hikmah) in The Concept of Democracy Pancasila: An Islamic Philosophical Studies 2/18/2006, Revised Prop:
8 Ramlan A. Satory Islamic Philosophy The Concept of Divine Justice of Murtadha Muthahhari 11-Jul-06
9 Hawasi Islamic Philosophy Iqbal’s Concept of Religious Experience: An Epistemological Study 11-Jul-06
10 Benny Baskara Islamic Philosophy Philosophy of Time in Ibn Khaldun’s Philosophy of History 11-Jul-06 9-May-07 Dr. Akhyar Lubis Finalished, Graduated
11 Syarifah Hanoum Islamic Mysticism The Application of the Doctrine of Sufi in Business Activities August, 29 2006
12 Supriyatno Islamic Philosophy The Structure of Islamic Economics: A Philosophy of Science Perspective on Islamic Economic Foundation August, 29 2006
13 Muhammad Bagir Islamic Philosophy Good and Evil in the Philosophy of Moral of Murtadha Muthahhari August, 29 2006
14 Endang Indriyani Wahyuni Islamic Mysticism Tariqah Qadisiyyah: A Philosophical Study on Suluk Method August, 29 2006 Dr. Abdul Hadi
15 Marini Widowati Islamic Mysticism Virtue in Al Ghazali and ST. Augustine August, 29 2006 Dr. Mulyadhi Kartanegara
16 Adi Bunardi Islamic Mysticism Imam Khomeini’s View on Sayr wa Suluk August, 29 2006
17 Kokom Komariyah Islamic Mysticism Dzikir as A Neurosis Therapy: A Psycho-Sufistic Analysis August, 31 2006
18 Cucu Surahman Islamic Philosophy Hamzah Fansuri’s Wahdatul Wudud August, 31 2006
19 Suryana Islamic Mysticism The Hijab Study on Al Hujwiri’s Book of Kashf Al-Mahjub 14-Jun-07
20 Humaidi Islamic Philosophy The Sacred Knowledge in Nasr’s Thought 15-Jun-07
21 Sofwan Iskandar Islamic Philosophy The Comparison of the Perfect Man (Al Ghazali and Muthahhari) 15-Jun-07
22 Wardah T Al Katiri Islamic Mysticism Comparative Theodicy for Moslem Children and Youth in the Age of Paradox In Process
23 Methya Rose Islamic Philosophy The Self in Mulla Sadra In Process
24 Iip Rifai Islamic Philosophy Cosmological Argument on God’s Wujud According Ibn Rushd In Process
25 Shohibul Faroji Islamic Mysticism Liqa Allah in Perspective of Imam Khomeini In Process
26 Dzulfikar Islamic Philosophy Critics on Nietzsche’s Morality In Process
27 Aan Rukmana Islamic Philosophy The Concept of Light: A Comparative Studies Between Al Ghazali and Suhrawardi In Process
28 Aos Abdul Gaos Islamic Mysticism Understanding Human Destiny Based on Ibn Arabi Perplexity In Process
29 Basrir Hamdani Islamic Philosophy Teleological Argument in the Concept of Cosmology In Process
30 Edi Arno Islamic Economic Islamic Economic Based on Bagir Shadr Thought: A Philosophical Analysis In Process
31 Nasiruddin Islamic Philosophy The Concept of Death asLimit of Existential Consciousness of Human Being: Comparative Studies between Mulla Sadra and Heidegger Thought In Process
32 Rudhy Suharto Islamic Mysticism Relation Between Intellect and Divine Love in The Perpspective of Imam Khomeini In Process
33 Wahyu Fajar Nugraha Islamic Philosophy The Concept of Becoming According Heidegger in the View of Mulla Sadra In Process

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